BREAKING NEWS: Brad Stevens hasn't seen 'Frozen'

BOSTON, MA - Numerous sources are reporting at this hour that Brad Stevens has yet to see Disney's 'Frozen' despite the fact that it is an absolute delight. A source, who asked to remain anonymous, was able to confirm that the rookie Head Coach has not seen the modern-classic w/ a rather simple inquiry. "He just looked at me and said 'Why would I want to build a snowman? It's May.' I couldn't believe it.'

Stevens has shown a history of being a little less emotional, but still, this has come as quite a shock. 'I know Brad prides himself on staying even keel, but what kind of monster hasn't seen this heart-warming tale?' - another source, who may or may not be Kelly Olynyk, told CelticsLife.

While there has been no word from the league office, one would have to assume an official comment will be made soon. Stay tuned to CelticsLife, your #1 source for 'Frozen' related Celtics news.