Chad Ford says the Celtics have Andrew Wiggins at the top of their board

Obviously, there has been growing talk as to who the Celtics may choose with their lottery pick. Throughout the season some analysts have speculated that Jabari Parker may fall to the Celtics (if he declares), while others have fit Marcus Smart into the green plan. With just an 11.9% chance (currently) at the number one overall pick, it is unlikely that the Cs will have their choice of any elite college phenom. Nevertheless, the question remains as to who Ainge and co. have at the top of the list. According to Chad Ford, that man is Andrew Wiggins of Kansas. More from's Jay King:

"After asking NBA personnel to give us a peek at their Big Boards heading into next month's NBA draft combine," ESPN's Chad Ford believes the Celtics are leaning toward Wiggins, the 6-foot-8 Kansas freshman who has already declared for the draft:

The Celtics are going out in true tanking fashion, having lost their last eight games. They could catch the magic for that No. 3 spot, and I think that's where GM Danny Ainge is hoping his team can land. We've had Jabari Parker at no. 1 for the Celtics for most of the season with Embiid No. 2, but it's time to revise it (unless Embiid's back injury turns out to be nothing). We now have the Celtics with Wiggins at No. 1, Parker No. 2, and Embiid No. 3."

Tank on you crazy diamond! More than likely, even if the Celts don't get Wiggins, we land amongst the stars and get ahold of a guy like Embiid. It's pretty hard to go wrong if you're picking in the top three.

Nevertheless, the Magic (22-55) have a much tougher remaining schedule to close the season:

vs Nets
vs Wizards
@ Nets
@ Bulls
vs. Pacers

All playoff teams. On the other hand, the Celts still have Philly and Cleveland left. Unlikely that the Cs slip into the bottom three and out Orlando, but stranger things have happened.