Video: Larry Bird scores 60 on the Hawks

With LeBron James going for 61 Monday night, now is a good time to take a trip down memory lane to see the Boston Celtics single game scoring record, when Larry Bird had a New Orleans crowd and the Atlanta Hawks bench going crazy over his shooting performance. Sam Jones held the Celtics scoring record at 51 for nearly 30 years, until Bird scored 53 against the Indiana Pacers in 1983. Then on March, 3rd, 1985, Kevin McHale broke Bird's record by pumping in 56 on the Pistons. Just nine days later, Bird would regain his title by hitting the Hawks up for 60 points. No Celtic has scored more than 50 since then (Bird did it 2 more times and Pierce hit 50 in 2006).

If you're too young to have seen Larry Bird play and always hear how great he was, but wonder if it's just old fans exaggerating things, then take a look at this video. Bird was one of the best. Like Mt. Rushmore best. To win in the NBA, like Danny Ainge recently said you need great players. Hopefully the Celtics can draft another great this June. But there will never be another Larry Bird. He was a once in a lifetime talent. Enjoy the video.

Video is courtesy of MerkinMuffly, who always uploads some of the best stuff. You can check out his full collection of NBA videos here. It appears by the recent videos that he has recently also gotten into hot track athletes. Can't hate on him for that either. For more Celtics videos and mixes you can also check out our Video Vault.

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