Dominique Wilkins is not all that impressed with LeBron’s 61-point game

Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins took to Twitter to dissect LeBron James 61 point performance against the Bobcats a couple of nights ago.

Although many have been critical of Wilkins so called "rant" he did make a lot of valid points. For starters: James is a match up nightmare for most of the league but the Bobcats really had no one to match his length. Michael Kidd Gilchrist checked LeBron much of the night and James could rise up over him for a shot pretty much any time he wanted.

Not to mention, if Kidd Gilchrist didn't fight over or through the screens LeBron was on an island with bigs such as Al Jefferson.

Having said that, hitting eight in a row from deep in practice let alone a game is an impressive feat no matter who is checking you. Also, Charlotte is a decent team and is seventh in the league in team defense.

That number is somewhat distorted, though, considering they are also 27th out of 30 teams in team offense.

'Nique furthermore opined: He's right Jefferson did have a monster night (38 and 19) but on the flip side Big Al is a matchup nightmare for the Heat as well. Hence, why they brought in Greg Oden anticipating a rematch with the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Later Wilkins Tweeted: The NBA in the 80s was definitely a lot more physical. One only has to watch the highlights from the Bird vs. Dominique battle from the 1988 playoffs to see the difference. Defenders were allowed to both lean on and hand check their man back then.

In fact, this is a facet of the game that should've never been taken from the NBA nor college.

Finally Wilkins reiterated that he was impressed with the shooting display but that the Bobcats played very poor defense with no one to guard LeBron without the injured Gerald Henderson. If you watch the film the Bobcats did play poor defense throughout the game. Even so, with Henderson only being 6'5 the problem of LeBron just shooting right over him would've still presented itself.

Now, in fairness to LeBron he is having an absolutely amazingly efficient season averaging 27.5 a game on over 58% from the field and over 38% from three.

Nevertheless, it still would be fun if James could somehow go back in time and see how he would've fared against Dominique in his prime and that old school brand of basketball.

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