Rajon Rondo wants to play with Jared Sullinger 'as much as possible'

After Jared Sullinger's 26-point (including 4-6 on threes), 8-rebound performance against the Raptors last night, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo had some very kind words regarding his second-year teammate.  Via Jay King of Mass Live:

"Whenever he came in, we made a run. And it wasn’t because he made threes. It was because he got the ball out off the rim pretty quickly, up the court, and we were able to turn it into transition buckets."

From the Celtics official twitter account:

And also from King, Rondo said:

“I like playing on the court with Sully. I told Brad I want to play with Sully as much as possible.”

Considering that Rondo and Sullinger are likely two of the Celtics main building blocks going forward, this is nothing but good news for Boston's future.

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