Brad Stevens claims he's not an analytics guy because he allows Sully to shoot threes

According to Brad Stevens he's not as much of an analytics guy as everyone thinks citing the fact that he allows Jared Sullinger to keep shooting threes:
I don't necessarily agree with this and think Coach Stevens is more just trying to shake the poster boy of the analytics movement mantle he's been given.

For starters, this year is more about player development than actual wins and losses and Stevens thinks Sully has a nice stroke and wants him to keep working on it in game situations building for the future.

This is just forward thinking analytics.

Not to mention, I believe Stevens is trying to win with this team but also wouldn't mind having a nice piece to build around in the future. Hence, Sully shooting threes allows him to expand his game, while, for the most part, not helping Boston get wins in the immediate future.

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