Rajon Rondo did something not seen in the NBA since... Rajon Rondo (and he passed Bill Russell too)

In Sunday night's win over the Pistons Rajon Rondo dished out a spectacular 18 assists.  Making it all the more impressive is the fact that he did it without committing a single turnover.  Nobody had recorded 18 or more assists without a turnover in an NBA game in nearly five years. The last time it happened was April 30, 2009... when Rondo had 19 assists and 0 turnovers in a playoff game against the Bulls.

The last player to do it in the regular season was Steve Nash, on April 14, 2007.  Since 1985 (as far back Basketball-Reference.com keeps track) just 9 players have accomplished this feat, with Rondo, John Stockton and Muggsy Bogues being the only ones to do it twice.

Rondo's 18th and final dime on Sunday also moved him ahead of Bill Russell for 5th place on the list of all-time Celtics assist leaders, putting him in some pretty special company:

1. Bob Cousy, 6945
2. John Havlicek, 6114
3. Larry Bird, 5695
4. Paul Pierce, 4305
5. Rajon Rondo, 4101
6. Bill Russell, 4100

Until Rondo crashed this party a very strong case could be made that it was the five greatest Celtics ever.

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