Jerryd Bayless, both good and bad, on display against the Mavericks

Jerryd Bayless lit it up last night in the fourth quarter and essentially shot Boston back into the game against the Mavericks.

As Mark D'Amico reported for Bayless scored 12 of his 19 for the game in the period.

Most impressive was a stretch where he scored nine consecutive points for the C's in less than two minutes:
“I was just picking my spots,” he said of the spurt. “I think we have a lot of guys that can score on this team and depending on who has it going that night. It’s not something I’m going to continue to press, but if I get a good look I’m going to take it.”

Boston trailed by 3 with under twenty seconds left in the game and Stevens understandably continued going with the hot hand that was Bayless:
“Really all I wanted to do was get the ball in his hands,” Stevens said, “because he was the one who was having success getting to where he wanted to go and making tough shots.”

Bayless was able to get a decent shot on the possession, although he missed the eight foot runner off the glass.

The ball took a fortunate bounce, however, right back into Bayless' hands for another possession.

Which brings us to the bad Bayless. Instead of resetting and looking for a better shot Bayless forced the ball up which was swatted by Vince Carter.

What was even more frustrating is that Jeff Green was WIDE open on the right wing for a three to tie had Bayless just spent a moment to reset and assess the situation.

I realize Green was having a difficult night, but he's been money in the past and that's a much higher percentage shot than a floater off an offensive rebound from a 6'3 guard in the lane in the closing seconds.

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