First ever CelticsLife radio show during tonight's game -- who wants to take part?

Tonight, CelticsLife is partnering with Fandio, the newest way for fans to watch a game, and hosting our first ever live radio broadcast. Here's how it works:

I (Mike Dyer) am hosting the show here:

CelticsLife fandio broadcast

Once at the link, just create a username and you're part of the broadcast. There is a live chat down the side in which we'll be talking about the Celtics-Warriors game among many, many other topics (tank race, draft, free agency, anything your heart desires).

Also, you'll be able to hear me through your computer as I host the radio portion. Now, talking the whole time myself would really suck, which is where you come in. As we're talking about the game in the chat, I'll be picking people out to join me in the conversation. I click your name, you are live on the air with me. Disagree with me about tanking, we'll talk about it. Have a specific player you want in the draft, make your case. Obviously we'll be keeping a close eye on Cs/Warriors as well, which hopefully is as exciting as the Pacers game on Saturday (sneaky feeling: Boston either wins the game outright, or loses in the final minute).

So this is kind of like the shout-box, but with a radio aspect of it. After playing around with it, I'm really excited to give it a whirl (Mark Cuban helps back the guys who own it -- do you think Mark Cuban would back a bad idea? No.)

Again, it's simple: Follow the link and then create an account (crazy easy). Broadcast starts at 7:15 for the 7:30 game. We'll be going until the final buzzer.

I like the discussion portion, so feel free to call me out on previous articles or whatever. Let's have fun with this thing.

Note: To call-in to the radio aspect of this, you'll need to use Google Chrome as your browser. You can take part in the chat aspect with other browsers, but not the call-in part.

Link (obviously nothing going on at the moment, but save it for later):

CelticsLife fandio broadcast