Celtics will keep Chris Babb for at least 10 more days

Today the Celtics signed shooting guard Chris Babb to a second 10-day contract.  When that runs out they'll have to choose between keeping him for the rest of the season, or letting him go.  Avery Bradley expects to be back around the same time, so that could be a factor in the C's decision.

Babb has played in four games since being called up from the D-League, averaging 3.3 points in 13 minutes of action.  Via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, here's what Babb had to say when he heard the news that his NBA career would continue:

"Yeah sure, why not? I’ll stick around for a couple more days." 
"Hopefully I make a couple more shots, but that will come. I’m just really focusing on just playing hard when I get into game, when I get my opportunities. Play hard, be prepared, and know the role. Just continue to do what I’ve been doing." 
"That’s 90 percent of the battle, just getting a shot, because there’s so much talent. In the D-League, guys coming out of college, veterans -- so all it takes is for some guys like me is a chance. I was fortunate enough to get one."

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