The Philadelphia 76ers are a joke

I get it. The way the NBA draft system is set up, it pays to tank from time to time. The NBA's stupid system is saying that being the biggest loser is much better than being mediocre. The 76ers will add one of Embiid, Parker, or Wiggins next year to a roster that includes a very solid rookie point guard in Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel. They also will have the Pelicans 1st rounder and a ton of cap space. Many teams will be jealous of their future come June. But right now they are taking tanking to a new level.

Sunday night they were on pace to set the record for the worst loss in NBA history. I tweeted, "It's getting worse. Halfway through 3rd quarter, 76ers are now down 56 pts. 89-33. Haven't seen a beatdown like this since Apollo/Drago." After that, the 76ers went on an extended garbage time run, Doc sat his 1st string, and Philly "only" ended up with the worst NBA loss of the season (123-78). One thing I know from watching NBA basketball for many years is that you have to be careful playing a team after a blowout. They are usually after blood. So the Warriors, without Andrew Bogut, shouldn't have taken Philly lightly. Well actually they should of, as they beat the 76ers 123-80 tonight.

Has any NBA team ever lost by a combined 98 points in 2 nights? Again, I know that in the long run Philly is better off losing by 45 than they are winning right now. But can you try and keep it under 30 guys? Hopefully the NBA will see that having almost half of the league's fan bases rooting for losses this season is bad for business. Fans should be able to root for their team to win games without it hurting their team's future. Time to stop having the best college players being rewarded to the teams that are racing to the bottom. As long as the system it what it is, teams are wise to take this approach. It's up to Adam Silver and the NBA to change the system.

In the meantime, the 76ers travel to Utah next. The Jazz are also trying to tank, so don't expect another 45 or 43 point loss by Philly. I think the 76ers should shoot for a 20 point loss vs the Jazz. A much more realistic goal in my honest opinion. Just whatever you do Philly, don't win. The system encourages you not to.

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