D-League product Chris Johnson has the best +/- for the Boston Celtics

Chris Johnson, who has played a grand total of 11 games for Boston has the best plus-minus of any individual Celtic this season according to ESPN's Chris Forsberg:
For those of you who are unititiated, the definition of plus-minus according to sportingcharts.com is:
Plus-minus measures the point differential for the team when the player is on the court, which is the difference in the points scored for and the points scored against. This is largely a team statistic but when looked at individually can show how the team generally performs when the player is on the court.

Although, he was plus 25 last night the game where he REALLY impressed me is in the loss to Dallas Sunday. In this game he was plus 7, was 4-4 from three point range and played with energy and urgency.

It's early in his career, and as much as I liked Jordan Crawford, it's looking as though the Celts found their spark plug off the bench in Johnson at a MUCH more affordable rate in NBA terms than what JC would have cost the organization.

ESPN Boston:

The breakdown of salary:

2013-14: $320K
2014-15: $915K
2015-16: $981K
2016-17: $1.1 million

The final three years are all non-guaranteed and the final two seasons have fully-guaranteed trigger dates (Sept. 1 in 2015 and 2016). Boston also holds a team option on that 2016-17 season.

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