Rodrigue Beaubois worked out for the Celtics

Comcast SportsNet-

The Boston Celtics privately worked out free agent point guard Rodrigue Beaubois Tuesday in Boston, a league source informed

According to the source, Beaubois, 26, is said to have had a “strong showing,” despite having not played in a NBA regular season game in over 10 months.

The Celtics have 14 players on its roster with the capability of adding one more, the league’s maximum amount allowed. A decision to sign him or not is expected in the coming days.

This is as Danny Ainge as it gets. Even though the Celtics are nearly at the bottom of the NBA barrel, they're still looking to add pieces to the puzzle. Having Roddy Beaubois work out for the team might seem like it makes no sense given where the Celtics stand, but I'm sure it's part of a much bigger picture.

Maybe they're trying to drive up the buzz on Roddy so it forces someone else to sign him. Maybe Danny is thinking of adding a guy off the scrap heap for cheap that just a few seasons ago was considered a rising star. Maybe Danny always had his eye on this guy and knew he'd eventually be in a position to put him in a green jersey. Maybe, now that he's healthy, Danny knows what Beaubois can contribute and wants to collect another asset to display and use in his wheelings and dealings this summer.

I'm on to you, Danny Ainge. I don't know what you're up to... but I know you're up to something.