Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will not be walking through that door

In tonight's Celtics vs. Bucks matchup in Milwaukee one thing is for certain: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will not be walking through that door. Nor, will Oscar Robertson, Sidney Moncrief or Bob Lanier.

Tonight the Celtics take on what is easily the most awful team in the league this season. The Bucks are so bad, in fact, they are offering kids free tickets for the rest of February in an effort to fill the seats.

Not a bad proposition if you're a kid, considering, at the very least, you have my preseason pick to win it all the Indiana Pacers and superstar Paul George coming to town the 22nd of this month.

They also have Orlando who just had back to back wins against the aforementioned Pacers and Kevin Durant's Thunder on the 18th as well as the Pelicans with the exciting Anthony Davis two days from tonight.

The Bucks are dead last in the league in offensive efficiency with a league worst true shooting percentage of 50.3%. On defense they are better but still in the bottom half of the league.

Their leading scorer is Brandon Knight who is averaging 16 points per game on 41% shooting. Their second leading scorer is OJ Mayo at 11 points a game who is shooting just under 40% from the field (Remember when Mayo was anointed the next LeBron James?).

It's not all bad, but still mostly for the Bucks as it looks like they got a steal in last year's draft at number 15 in "The Greek Freak;" Giannis Antetokounmpo.

On the surface, Antetokounmpo's numbers are underwhelming at 7.1 points, less than 2 assists and 4.6 rebounds in 24 minutes per.

However, he is only nineteen years old, has a huge upside and the opportunity to be special.

The Bucks are also guranteed a high pick in this year's highly touted draft.

The only problem is I'm beginning to think this will go down as one of the most overrated draft classes of all time.

The Celtics come in having been dominated by the Mavericks, yesterday, who have been playing some great basketball as of late.

Rajon Rondo played spectacularly once again shooting 3-6 from three and finishing with 12 points, eight boards and 12 assists in a season high 36 minutes.

My prediction:

Even without Rondo tonight the C's have looked reborn since his return having won 3 of 4 and make it 4 of 5 tonight.

Celts 107 Bucks 98

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Image courtesy of The New York Times