Jared Sullinger plays just 19 minutes against Spurs due to illness

Those watching Wednesday night's game against the Spurs may have noticed something off with Jared Sullinger.

Sully finished the 104-92 loss with four points shooting 2-9 from the floor and seven rebounds in 19 minutes.

Was he injured? Was the matchup against future hall of famer Tim Duncan too much for him? Was coach Brad Stevens tinkering with the rotation to squeeze a little more trade value out of some of the other bigs on the roster before the trade deadline? Nope, Sully was just under the weather.

While it's too bad Sully isn't felling very well, being sick is certainly a better reason for underperfomance than an injury or simply not being able to do what he wants on the court due to the opposition.

Sullinger's been one of the few bright spots for Boston in "The season of the ping pong ball." He came into Wednesday's game with six straight double-doubles. While Sullinger failed to make it seven in a row, he'll have plenty of time during the All-Star break, in between dominating the Rising Stars Challenge, to get back to his old self.

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