Bill Simmons seems to have changed his tune on Rajon Rondo's future (and maybe tanking too?)

Back in October Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose did Grantland video previews for each NBA team.  While discussing the Celtics, one thing they were absolutely certain of was that Rajon Rondo would be traded (from 10/8/13, here are the full quotes and the embedded video):

Rose: "Bill, this is why we give the people what they want. What you just described is the worst-kept secret in the NBA. Once you trade Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett; the year before you lost Ray Allen, and you lose Doc Rivers, the next obvious domino is Rajon Rondo." 
Simmons: "If you’re gonna blow it up, don’t leave like one room in the blown-up house and be like, 'Nah, I’m gonna keep the living room.’ You blow up the house." 

Last night Simmons did the color commentary for CSNNE during the Celtics-Lakers broadcast.  While I enjoyed his performance as a whole, Simmons also offered some drastically different points of view.  During the pre-game conversation Mike Gorman asked Simmons if he was surprised that Boston did not deal Rondo at the trade deadline.  Bill responded by saying:

"It didn't surprise me... I'm glad they didn't trade him... I think he's one of the best 20 players in the league. I would not have traded him."

Over the course of the season Simmons has also said time and time again that he is in favor of the Celtics tanking, here's just one example:

During yesterday's game Simmons made multiple references to the negative effects tanking had on the Celtics in 1997 and 2007, as well as pointing out several examples of star players taken later in the draft.  At one point he even stated "I hate tanking."

I'm guessing CSNNE gave him some "guidelines" as to what he was and was not allowed to say.  But as the game drew to a close Simmons' true feelings began to shine through.  With Boston blowing a late lead and losing a close decision Simmons appeared to enjoy the final result, saying more than once that "if you're a fan who is rooting for losses" this is the perfect game to watch.

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