'Sheed goes all "Psychotic Reaction" after Andre Drummond dunk

Former Celtic Rasheed Wallace went straight up The Count Five "Psychotic Reaction" after this throw down by Andre Drummond:

'Sheed was always one of my favorite players and personalities when he was playing. Although. he shot way too many three when he was with The Celts. Wallace's numbers in his one season in Boston: 9 points per game on just over 28% from 3.

Coincidentally, I think the Pistons Josh Smith has modeled his recent career on Rasheed's one year in green. Smith is shooting a miserable less than 23% from three this season yet still manages to hoist three and a half per game.

Smith's ineptitude is a big reason Detroit isn't as good as they should be record wise (23-32) because, as this highlight demonstrates, Andre Drummond is an absolute beast.

Drummond is also just 20 years old.

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