Turns out #FreeMarShon was a pretty good idea

I guess those #FreeMarShon tweets had something behind them, huh? Last night, Celtics trade fodder MarShon Brooks got into the game for Los Angeles and proved that he not only belonged in the NBA, be deserved to get MINUTES.

Brooks, who scored 10 of his 14 points in the fourth quarter, is going to be a hit in LA. I've said it before and I'll say it again- MarShon Brooks is instant offense and playing in an offense first system is going to bring out the best in him.

Watching the Celtics lose to the Lakers is quite possibly my least favorite thing to do, but last night watching the preview of the MarShon Brooks coming out party made it a little less painful than expected.

Brooks staring at the bench after every bucket- total boss move. Anyone who has ever lost a job dreams of doing what MarShon did last night. Even though the 2013-14 campaign is going to be one that we can easily forget, last night was a pretty great footnote on this terrible season for both the Celtics and the Lakers.

After the game, Brooks spoke to the media and handled his media moment like a complete BOSS.

"You know what, man? A lot of people think I should be mad at the Boston Celtics. But I guarantee you, no one is happier for me than (coach) Brad Stevens and (assistant coach) Jay Larranaga," Brooks said. "They've seen all the work I've put in, and it's paid off."

No venom being spit, no backhanded compliments, no criticizing of his former team. I sincerely hope this is the first of many MarShon Brooks highlight games because he's earned it.

Source: ESPN