Kendrick Perkins jokes about inviting Rajon Rondo into OKC locker room

A little over two weeks ago former Celtic Kendrick Perkins freaked out when the Thunder's Thabo Sefolosha invited a former teammate Joakim Noah into OKC's locker room after a game against the Bulls.  Apparently Perk is willing to make light of the situation now, as last night he kidded with Kevin Durant about having old buddy Rajon Rondo stop by for a postgame visit.  From CBS Sports and OKC Thunder writer Royce Young:

While the principle is still the same (no opponents allowed in your locker room), the specifics would clearly be different.  Rondo obviously didn't play in the C's blowout loss to the Thunder, whereas on December 19th Noah had just abused Perkins for 23 points and 12 rebounds while holding him scoreless on the other end.  Plus there is the simple fact that Noah may be the most annoying player in the NBA; examples A, B, and C.

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