Video: Rajon Rondo talks about Ray Allen, Christmas music, roller skating, and his favorite soup


This afternoon, injured Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was on Fox Sports 1s "Crowd Goes Wild", and during the show's "Out of Left Field" segment - was asked some extremely important questions. Questions such as:

Q: What is your favorite soup?

Answer - Chicken noodle.

Notes: Meh. Chicken noodle is kind of overrated. Would have went with clam chowder or possibly french onion. Weak soup choice bro.

Q: What is the most overrated Christmas song?

Answer - Jingle bells

Notes: Can't disagree much but I'd go with that really sad "Christmas shoes" song about the little kid who's Mom is dying and he needs to buy her new shoes to meet Jesus. I mean it's Christmas..who the hell wants that kind of sadness in their life?

Q: What is your favorite song to Roller Skate to?

Answer - Blow the Whistle

Notes: I have no idea what this is. But I'll give Rondo the benefit of the doubt as he is a lot cooler than me.

And most importantly:

Q: How fast did you delete Ray Allen's phone number after he signed in Miami?

Answer - I still have it.

Notes: I mean why would he delete the number? He's not a 14 year old girl. Always keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Keeping Ray's number allows Rondo to avoid picking up the phone if he calls. No brainer.

Here are the videos:

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