Rajon Rondo says, "I’ve been anxious ever since I hurt myself" and more

Today, Rajon Rondo spoke to the media for just the second time this year.

Can you guess what the hot topic was?

The team's star point guard tore his ACL last January in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks. The injury's ramifications were massive, as it essentially doomed the team's season and eventually ushered in a new era for the Celtics when they traded their coach, and two future hall of famers (KG and Pierce).

This new era was supposed to be full of depravity and misery as we watched Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries sulk up and down the floor while they watched Jordan Crawford missing 80,000 foot three pointers for 82 games. So far, that hasn't quite been the case at all.

Jordan Crawford was just named Eastern Conference Player of the week and the Celtics have claimed the Atlantic Division lead. You can count the hobbled Rondo as one of those impressed by the success of this squad.

Chris Forsberg, ESPNBoston
On his team's success, Rondo noted, "I think now we’re in a good groove, guys are playing for one another, making the extra pass. Defensively, we’re helping a lot more. I think that’s the key to our success right now."

Later he added, "The way the team is playing now, it’s hard to scout our team because it’s not just one guy doing all the scoring. It’s a collective effort, a group of guys and five or six guys in double figures each night. It’s hard to stop a team like that. Not to compare us, but like the Pacers are a hard team to scout. The way we’re playing right now, we’re in good rhythm."

But, when will the true leader, the all-star, the triple double king himself, return to the court?

That, is yet to be determined. The latest we've heard is that the point guard is not close to returning. Not surprisingly, Rondo is itching to get back out there with his teammates.

"I’ve been anxious ever since I hurt myself," said Rondo. "It’s a long process. Some days are better than others. But I’m patient and I’m not going to rush."...

Anxious? He should be anxious. This team could make a serious playoff push to a loss in the second round if he returned, and depending on how healthy he is, they could even make it to a loss in the Eastern Conference Finals!

But, I digress. It could be awhile before we see Rajon Rondo back on the court. While Paul Pierce seemed to think Rondo could be back sooner rather than later, we may be in for a longer wait.

Just because he's upping his activity doesn't mean he can just jump right back into things in a couple of weeks. Right, Rondo?

"I haven’t done anything," said Rondo. "I haven’t played up and down, side-to-side, right now I’m doing drills, it’s not a big deal."

Later he added, "I’m confident, but like I said, I haven’t practiced or anything so it’s hard to say. [Games of] 1-on-1 [are] different from actually going through picks and hitting the floor, playing 5-on-5, getting back in transition, making the quick moves without thinking about it. I haven’t done any of that."

Even if watching this team play so well while he sits on the bench is hard, Rondo needs to take his time. And he is.

Photo Via: Boston.com