Jared Sullinger isn't messing around when he says the Celtics are trying to win, calls out the bandwagoners

For the second time this week Jared Sullinger sounded off about his aversion to the dreaded "T" word (hint: it rhymes with "banking").  Here's what Sullinger had to say in response to a potential renewed level of optimism from fans towards the now first place Celtics, via the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy:

“If we win, don’t jump on our bandwagon now,” Sullinger, who thumbed his nose at tank talkers following Monday’s practice, said before last night’s 108-100 win against Milwaukee. “We don’t want wishy-washy fans. As grown men, we play hard and do the best for this team. For everybody else outside the circle, we could care less.” Sullinger also reiterated his belief that the Celtics could be a playoff team this season. As for those who laugh at the thought of the C’s in the postseason, the forward was dismissive. “The same guys who are laughing at us are the ones who said we were going to win five games,” said Sullinger, who had 12 points last night. “Now all of a sudden we win some, we lose some, and guys are saying they’re surprised with how the Celtics are playing.”

After last night's victory Brad Stevens also made a comment implying he and his club may have postseason aspirations (h/t to WEEI's Ben Rohrbach).  When asked what the impending return of Rajon Rondo would mean, Stevens said “It could be big for us. I know once he comes back, a lot of teams are going to hate to play the Celtics.”  Add in the fact that John Hollinger's computer rankings give the C's a 50.8% chance of making the playoffs, and it's clear through the first 20 games of the season that things are not going as many people expected.

Don't let the standings fool you, the Celtics still aren't a great team, says Brad Stevens kind of

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