Doc impressed with Brad Stevens development of Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford continues to shine. This time against his former coach Doc Rivers' Los Angeles Clipper team accumulating 20 points and nine assists in Boston's tough fought loss last night.

Doc had this to say about Crawford's development this season: The argument could be made if Doc always felt Crawford had the ability to play the one then why didn't he play him there last year instead of making Avery Bradley suffer through the trials and tribulations of the position?

Having said that, I do think Avery's time at the point has been crucial to his offensive development and his ability to take people off the bounce. Maybe Doc just felt Avery was more a definite part of The C's future than Crawford so wanted to give him the game experience.

Although, this quote is probably more telling as to why Doc started Bradley over Crawford:
Ultimately, I do agree with Doc, as I see Crawford as a great sixth man who still receives close to "starter's minutes" providing instant offense off the bench.

Not unlike the Clippers' Jamal Crawford, who iced the Clipper win last night with two late threes.

However, with the way Jordan's been playing, it could make the Celtic free agent negotiations with Rajon Rondo very interesting in 2015.

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