Brad Stevens has a Q&A with Grantland

Before the Celtics fell to the Clippers Wednesday night, Grantland published a question and answer with Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

Here's the whole piece and here are some highlights with Grantland's Zach Lowe in bold:

Was there a "Come to Jesus" talk with Jordan Crawford? Did you sit him down and tell him how he'd have to play in order to save and prolong his NBA career? There must have been a frank conversation.

I never had it.


It was more about talking collectively about: "What do we all do well?" And then thinking about what our teammates on the floor do well, and how we all can make them better at what they do. There are very few guys in the NBA who don't have things they don't do well. Some of the better players don't have very many, but everybody is here because they have a strength. So you just try to find your strengths and soar with them.

[Crawford] has done a good job of recognizing his strengths and recognizing his teammates' strengths.


I've noticed you own a lot of green ties.


Did you have a lot of green ties before? Do they come with this job? Do they just appear on your desk?

Let's put it this way: I haven't bought one.

So the team buys them!

It's not them! It's not the Celtics. Some come in the mail, somebody delivers it. Actually, that's not true: I bought one for the press conference. But that was because we were flown to Boston on July 4, and we needed a green tie. But other that, we haven't bought one.


Have you learned anything you didn't already know?

Nothing that I've thought was impactful in coaching a team yet. I'm sure there will be, but to me, I haven't found anything that has wowed me yet.

How is practice at this level different from the college level?

We've practiced eight times since the start of the season, so a lot less.

Well it's good to know that if you send Stevens a green tie he'll probably wear it. I bet I know what he's getting for Christmas. Although it is kind of weird that ties just arrive out of nowhere and he's like, "Sweet! I have to wear this!"

So Stevens hasn't learned anything yet. Either it's too early in the season or he's not that engaged or...he doesn't need to learn anything because he's that awesome. Yea it's probably that.

I'm not sure if I believe him about Crawford or not. Crawford could simply be producing because he's getting minutes, but he really seems like a different player. Yea, he's still swearing and flopping around, but he's having a great season. Maybe all Stevens had to say is, "We need you to pass, too." Whatever he said or didn't say, it seems to be working.

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