It turns out Brad Stevens isn't perfect, wishes he'd played Vitor Faverani more (& MarShon Brooks less?)

With both Kris Humphries and Kelly Olynyk out last night, the Celtics were thin on big men.  When Jared Sullinger picked up his 5th foul early in the 4th quarter, the situation got worse.  For much of the period Brad Stevens went with an undersized lineup of Brandon Bass at center and Jeff Green at power forward.  After the game Stevens lamented his decision not to use Vitor Faverani (quote via Jay King of Mass Live):

“I don’t think [foul trouble] would have thrown [the Celtics] off if we had a couple of guys that we could throw in there from a size standpoint. We just didn’t have much size. And I should have put [in] Vitor in the second half. I’ll be kicking myself for that.”

Boston's bench scored a season low 4 points last night, and it likely wasn't Stevens' finest jump managing it.  When Courtney Lee fouled out, the head coach surprisingly turned to MarShon Brooks for a key stretch of the 4th quarter.  Brooks looked overwhelmed and out of place, turning the ball over 3 times in 4 minutes of action.  Sitting in Section 8 at the Garden, I thought to myself "having Brooks in this game right now is probably the worst decision Brad Stevens has made since he's been here."

The fact that that may actually be true speaks volumes as to how impressive a job he's done thus far.

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