Danny Ainge: Sayer of Truths

We're 20 game into the 2013-14 season What a ride it has been. What a journey.

Two things are apparent:

Apparent fact #1- The NBA Eastern Conference is AWFUL and no matter how bad a team plays, another team is going to play worse. The race to tank is stupid. It's how the league is set up though, so whatever. Tell 'em Tommy.

Apparent fact #2- Danny Ainge is a Master of Spin AND a Sayer of Truths. He he's not dropping bombs like, "Oh this draft class isn't THAT good," than he's singing the praises of this Celtics squad as he did today:

While 8-12 is not a great record, the Celtics are showing flashes of greatness. That is to say members of this team are showing flashes of greatness. Who saw Jordan Crawford coming? Who would have thought Sullinger would be this far along after a season ending back surgery less than a year ago? Who knew Brandon Bass had it in him to lead?

There is still a lot of basketball left to play this season and that should be comforting news to everyone, no matter if you're on #TeamTank or #TeamWeAreGoodEnoughToLoseWhileTryingWithoutFullOnTanking. Even in the most disappointing losses of the year, there is light at the end of this tunnel and it is playing its heart out every night in a green jersey.

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