Woj: Asik for Bass/Lee trade dead for now

The rumored deal of Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and an unknown first round pick in exchange for Omer Asik, is dead. For now. According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski (you didn't expect anyone else, did you?), Houston has not found a deal they like enough for the 27-year-old big man.

Woj's last point is the most important one. Keep in mind, the actual trade deadline is not until late February. Houston set this December 19th "deadline" to try and create a bidding war between the interested parties, and now that the other teams have essentially called their bluff, they're pulling the reigns back. These talks are far from dead, as Houston eventually needs to deal Asik, or risk paying an angry back-up center big money while he plays 15 minutes a night behind Dwight Howard.

So the deal is more dormant than it is dead, and don't be surprised if Boston hops back into the fray a little later in the season. Hell, don't be surprised if it happens later this week.

But for now, the Cs roster remains unchanged.

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