Green Envy: What Jazz Fans Said - 11/6

Well, well, well! Who has 30 thumbs and their first win of the season? The 2013-14 Boston Celtics! The victory over the Jazz tonight not only marks Brad Stevens first win in the NBA, but the beginning of a season full of legitimate "Anything Is Possible" moments. Elsewhere in the NBA, the Magic beat the Clippers. Last week, the 76ers beat the Heat. Parquet miracles can happen. So, what I'm saying is leave those duck boats running, Red Sox.

Not a pretty win tonight, but we will take it. In what I am positive will be a trend for this column this season, the fan reaction isn't of the Celtics outplaying their opponents, it is of their opponents out-tanking the Celtics.

A win is a win is a win. See you in the lottery, Utah!


Jeff Green's continued contributions- big (three from WAAAAY behind the three point line) and small (making foul shots and looking calm doing it).  THE FULL SLATE:

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