The Celtics are one of four teams in the NBA without a win, is that a good or bad thing?

Andrew "Easy Ed" Wiggins

The Celtics have had a couple bad games to start off the season here.

They've played both at home and on the road, both losses. After only two games, Gerald Wallace is already calling out his teammates for going for their stats. Basically, it's as big of a mess as it can be after two games.

In fact, the Celtics are one of four teams without a win, along with the Jazz, Wizards and Nuggets.

The big question however, is that good or bad?

The Celtics will deny that they are tanking this year (As Ainge has) but it's hard for anyone to argue that they have a team that will compete for a championship this year.

The best possible result for this season? Coming out of it with some breathing room against the cap, and preferably a high pick in a very good draft.

Celtics fans are split on how to root for their team. Do you root for losses? Do you root for the playoffs? Who are they competing against, the tanking Sixers or the Brooklyn Nets?

Personally, I am all in for the draft picks. It makes me feel much better about the current state of the team. Instead of thinking of it as the team is off to a terrible start, it's the opposite.

The 76ers are to the Celtics as the Miami Heat are to the Nets. A team that was their main competition to start off the year, getting off to a bad start. The 76ers are supposed to be going in the toilet, instead they're 3-0 beating tough teams like the Heat and Bulls? Maybe the Celtics have a chance at knocking them off as one of the worst teams in the league! One can only hope, it certainly makes the first week of the season much easier to bear looking at it that way.

I'm wearing the 0-2 record like a badge of honor. But that's just me.

How do you feel?