Walter McCarty: 'I could still go out there and play in a pinch'

Today the Boston Globe featured a first person account from Walter McCarty regarding his time with the Celtics so far as an assistant coach.  The 39 year old McCarty hasn't played in the NBA since the 2005-2006 season, but suggests he could still do it in certain situations:

"In a pinch, in a specific situation, I could still go out there and play. If it was spotting up somewhere, then yes; if I have to run up and down the floor and get tired, then probably no. I play one-on-one with some of our guys, and it’s fun. I’m trying to create game-like situations, so they’re not going through the motions on some of their moves."

With the way this year is going for the C's so far, stranger things could happen.  And who knows, having Walter suit up for a game or two next spring might be necessary to save Tommy Heinsohn from season long depression.

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