Multiple Sites Reporting Celtics Could Be Interested In Kendall Marshall, Even Though They Definitely Aren't

Over the weekend, ‘reports’ came out that the Celtics ‘could be’ interested in the recently released Kendal Marshall, who the Suns picked 13th overall just a season ago.

Of course, the extent of the reports is essentially: Hey! There’s a young point guard available, and the Celtics could use a point guard! Let's get this thing done and send these crazy kids off to France!

On the surface, Marshall is an intriguing candidate: He’s young, a franchise recently thought enough of him to pick him awfully early, and his college coach Roy Williams called him the best point guard he’s ever coached.

The thing is, Williams is a liar, and Kendall Marshall hasn’t shown anything to make one believe he’s capable of playing in this league. He may be a great decision maker, and extremely creative with the ball, but he’s awfully slow, can’t shoot, and can’t defend. That’s passable in my Thursday night men’s league, but it doesn’t work in the NBA.

Additionally, as Gary Washburn points out in the article – signing Marshall would push the Celtics over the luxury tax line, which is something you’d have to believe ownership isn’t interested in. Especially, when they already have a pass-first point guard who likes to push the ball on the roster that they seem to have no interest in playing... Because why would this team want to push the ball up the court?