How is Brad Stevens handling all this losing?

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens came from a winning tradition at Butler. Everyone is aware of the back-to-back National Championship games, but not many are aware that Stevens never lost four games in a row in his coaching career. Until now, something that took Stevens all of… well four games to do in his NBA career.

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports wrote an article on how Stevens is in a no lose situation, check out the whole thing here.  I just want to touch on the pieces about how Stevens is reacting to this:

I asked the simplest question you can ask a coach who is suddenly losing games in a way he's never lost them before.
"How are you holding, up?""I don't like losing," Stevens told me. And that goes without saying, right? Nobody likes losing. To pretend otherwise would be silly. But it's especially hard for Stevens.

"You just understand where we are and where we have to go," Stevens said. "You do your best to focus on what's next and not pay too much attention to anything else."
Deep down, Stevens understands the deal -- as do his bosses. The Boston ownership group is firmly in Stevens' corner, and his six-year contract is a tangible sign of the organization's commitment to him. He won't lose his job after this season or next season or even a third season regardless of what happens, I don't believe.
The part that sticks out to me is Stevens saying: "you just understand where we are and where we have to go."  That means he gets it. Losing sucks, and it is going to be a rough year. But as long as Stevens and Danny Ainge agree on where the Celtics are trying to go, the future will get brighter.

Now a lot of that lands on Boston's draft position. Besides continuing to lose games, Celtics fans just have to keep their fingers crossed. In Brad Stevens we trust.

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Source: CBS Sports

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