Gerald Wallace again calls teammates selfish, hints at some players padding stats over winning

Hey guys, it's going to be a really long season.

Jesus, Gerald - tell us how you really feel.

Of course, this isn't the first time Wallace called out his teammates, he also did it in the pre-season. Going on a long rant about the team being selfish.

Now he's done it again after an ugly loss in which the Cs blew a 22-point lead.

You have to wonder who he's talking about.

The two stat lines that jump out at you are Jeff Green's 4-13 performance and Avery Bradley's 4-14 shooting. Both played poorly, but Green did grab 9 rebounds and shot 7 free throws, and while he didn't play well, I thought he was pretty aggressive. Bradley on the other hand just played bad. He's playing point guard without a single point guard skill, something we all knew would be a failure. His 4 turnovers and 2 assists once again prove the man is playing out of position. Watching the game, I didn't see anything from Bradley that showed "stat padding". Just a below average (offensively) SG being thrust into the PG role - and predictably failing.

A bunch of other guys were pretty good tonight. Vitor, Bass, Lee and Wallace himself all played pretty well.

But obviously Wallace knows something we don't know.


Maybe he's just really trying to be a pain in the ass so he gets traded to a contender (not that that's really possible because of his contract - but maybe he's blind to that fact).

Either way, 80 games to go. About 60 of them losses. Crash better get used to it or at least start going to his teammates rather than the media. It was pseudo-leadership the last time..but it may be time to try a different strategy.

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Gerald Wallace calls out his teammates' effort: "Guys are out there being selfish"