Denial is not just the name of a river

Did these guys play tonight?

Zing! Worst joke ever? Absolutely it is, but it is probably why you started reading. Here are my views on this season. I'm going to be honest here,this is the first full game I've watched all season. I live in DC, but that's not an excuse. I honestly was in denial Pierce and Garnett were gone until tonight and I avoided facing reality for as long as I could.  Even when we were up 20 tonight, I kind of knew we would lose. Why? Because we have no leadership.

Everyone in the NBA is talented. Yes, there are freaks out there, but at the end of the day if you don't have solid leadership you can't win. Who is the leader right now? Jeff Green? Nope. Avery Bradley? Nope. Yes, I am asking a lot of questions but that is what this season is going to be about. Who is going to step up and be the closer. Paul Pierce was the closer for 15 years even though he missed a ton of last seconds shots(blog for another day). Who do we turn to now?

This whole Wiggins thing bothers me. Has anyone actually seen him play a full basketball game or have you just seen Youtube clips? I can't ever root against the Celtics. I just can't. I tried tonight and ended up throwing my hat across the bar when they lost. When you bleed green you bleed green even if its stupid long term. It's like love. You can't explain it and it makes you do stupid things.

This season is going to be rough. The true fans, which I know all you CelticsLife fans are, will stay with us and follow the C's as hard as ever before. Let's not be in denial anymore though. Paul Pierce and KG aint walking through that door. Here's to an interesting season. Bleeding Green for life.

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