Celtics keep sucking, but New York teams keep sucking more

Boston dropped their 5th straight game last night in San Antonio (and maybe "sucking" is kind of harsh, they put up a good fight against the defending Western Conference champs), and their schedule isn't about to get any easier.  Over the next week the 4-9 Celtics host Indiana (10-1) Friday, travel to Atlanta (7-5) Saturday, move on to Charlotte (6-6, and won in Boston last week) Monday, and finally host Memphis (7-5, lost to Spurs in last year's West finals) on Thanksgiving eve.

As the losses keep piling up the C's should be plummeting in the standings; however the New York teams are doing their absolute best to ensure that doesn't happen.  The Nets fell to the Bobcats yesterday, and the Knicks choked away a late lead at home against the Pacers.  Despite lofty preseason expectations for each club, they have both somehow managed to win fewer games than the Celtics so far, and are tied at 3-8 for the second worst record in the Easter Conference (Milwaukee is 2-8).  Two weeks from today (December 5th) Brooklyn and New York meet for what is sure to be an epic nationally televised intra-city battle at the Barclays Center.

Amazingly the Celtics also have only one win less than Atlantic Division leading Toronto (5-7), and are just 1.5 games back.  At this rate even if Boston is in the neighborhood of 9-16 or 8-17 come mid-December (the likely target date for Rajon Rondo's return), they may still be only a few games out of first place.

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