NBA's most overpaid players: Wallace, Hump, Perk & KG

There are a lot of monster contracts in the NBA this season, no question some more worthy than others.  Dime Magazine recently took a look at what they consider the 20 worst contracts in the league.

Some former and current Celtics found themselves on the list. Lets take a look at where they landed:

19. KRIS HUMPHRIES – $12 million/1 year
Original deal: $24 million/2 years
Coming to Boston in the blockbuster deal of the 2013 summer, Kris Humphries is yet another example of how a bad contract can be moved if under the right circumstances.
$12M to ride the bench is a pretty sweet gig for Hump. Obviously crazy overpaid, Humphries will not find himself on the Celtics roster after the trade deadline. If Danny Ainge can't find some way to move Hump's huge expiring deal, which he should, Kris will simply be bought out. The focus in Boston is on the young bigs.

14. KEVIN GARNETT – $23.5 million/2 years
Original deal: $36 million/3 years
Create this article a year ago and Kevin Garnett probably isn’t on this list, mainly because he was averaging 14.8 points on 50 percent shooting and still grabbing 7.8 rebounds per. But with the numbers he’s posting now? And with the 8.6 PER? And the fact that the Nets are scoring almost 10 less points per 100 possessions when he’s on the floor? Yeah, I think $24 million over the next two years may be too much for the 37-year-old.
The KG deal is unique. He is an all-time great that showed some signs of slowing down in Boston, but none that suggested he would fall off as hard as he has this season. In Garnett's defense, I believe he still has most of the skills he had in Boston. Poor coaching combine with fewer minutes in a new system probably have a lot to do with KG's 6.6 PPG so far this season. But if this is the production Brooklyn continues to get this season from Garnett, he could let them off the hook and hang 'em up this summer.

9. KENDRICK PERKINS – $17.7 million/2 years
Original deal: $32.6 million/4 years
The Oklahoma City Thunder were perfect for Jeff Green and the Boston Celtics were perfect for Kendrick Perkins. Why did this trade have to occur?
The deal that left a lot of people scratching their heads hasn’t worked out well for neither side really. Yes, the Thunder made it to the NBA Finals, but Kendrick Perkins was largely ineffective throughout. Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics are in an identity crisis without their “Big Three” and with Rajon Rondo still recovering from a torn ACL. But they can get use out of Green. What are the Thunder doing with Kendrick Perkins? How was he ever going to be the one to prop up Oklahoma City’s former “Big Three” and bring them championship glory as he did with Boston in 2008? So many questions, so few answers.
Perk's deal was pretty pricey when he signed it. Then you see his production since signing the contract and realize how bad this deal actually is (2.8 PPG/4.1 RPG this season). Then you look at Jeff Green's $36M/4 years ($40M with reachable bonuses) that has two full seasons after 2013-14 on it and wonder why Green isn't on the list too. Then, just like the article says, you wonder why the hell this trade was ever made. Celtics Life has a solution for everything though, click here for details.

4. GERALD WALLACE – $30 million/3 years
Original deal: $40 million/4 years
Wallace is earning $10 million a year to gradually decline at this point. When we thought it couldn’t get much worse after last year’s atrocity where he averaged 7.7 points and shot less than 40 percent as a starter, Wallace has managed to top himself with his worst averages yet.
He can’t even land a starting job on a talent-parched Celtics team, starting only four of the 11 games he’s played in, and is averaging 5.4 points and shooting 29 percent from the foul line. That’s not a typo and I’m not sure why it hasn’t caused more of a stir; Gerald Wallace has made five of his 17 free throw attempts this year.
Ugh, the things Danny Ainge would do to get rid of this contract. Unlike Humphries who will surely be gone, the Celtics may be stuck with this one till the bitter end. All they can hope for is to get lucky and have some type of crazy trade scenario come to life and free them of Wallace. Why did the Nets have to make this a four year deal? Who knows, but it's Boston's problem now… and could be for a while.

Want to see the full list and check out what else Dime had to say about these four overpaid players? Read the full article with the link below. 

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