Afternoon Delight: Juwanna Mann the T.V. Series feat. Dwyane Wade!

Dwyane Wade has sold his life story to the Fox Network recently, which will in turn develop the material into a sitcom.  The show, according to a report by ESPN's Brian Windhorst, will revolve closely around Wade's life as a basketball star and single parent to two boys.

While the full details have yet to be publicly disclosed, CelticsLife's moles have managed to secure the secret preliminary promo graphic, which tells us Fox will re-tell D.Wade's story through a made-for-t.v. remake of the 2002 movie, "Juwanna Mann."

D.Wade stars as himself and Bron-Bron and the Biebs play his two kids.  Crazy Heat Fan Lady Filomena Tobias plays Wade's ex-wife.

Get ready to dress for suck-cess!

The DVD cover for the 2002 movie featuring Miguel Nunez and Viveca Fox

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