What are your predictions for next game's starting lineup?

The Boston Celtics face off against the New York Knicks on Wednesday night, and I'm curious to see what changes will be made in the starting lineup. Overall, it seemed like the bench unit outplayed the starters in the game against the Raptors, so there's bound to be a few changes.

Bench players that have the chance to be tomorrow's starters:

Gerald Wallace
Jared Sullinger
Jordan Crawford
Kelly Olynyk

If the Celtics won that game, the game ball would probably have to go to Wallace. He was scoring easily, the 3-pointer was falling for him, and he also had four assists, two boards, and a steal, so he was active all over the court. This could be huge for a man who was lacking confidence last season. Even if the game is just a preseason game, any type of good game against outside competition has to make a player feel good.

I was glad to see Sullinger back on the court and playing as well as he did last night. The hook shot is there, and he still puts in work on the boards, but his jumper wasn't quite falling yet, and he was called for a couple of ticky-tack fouls. I was glad to see the four assists, his passing looks crisp. Being able to pass in the post can do wonders for a team.

I think Jordan Crawford handled himself well. I believe the most amazing stat I saw was the three field goal attempts. He played 20 minutes and played off the ball for the most part, so he was able to tone down his shot chucking. I believe Crawford is a capable passer, worthy of playing extended minutes at the point guard position.

Kelly Olynyk didn't really stand out too much, but he actually led the team in assists which just shows how versatile he can be on the offensive side of the court. He still went only 1-5 from the field, but given that it's his first game against other NBA competition, he gets a pass.

My prediction for tomorrow's lineup is:


I think Lee's game 1 struggles might take him out the starting lineup. I believe Crawford could be put in, and hopefully we'll Pressey log in some minutes. I think Sullinger has earned his starting spot back for now (even though I feel Bass played a good game), and I think Bradley, Green, and Humphries will remain starters because Green and Bradley will likely be given benefit of the doubt that they just both had bad games. I think Humphries could remain a starter because he didn't play a bad game, but I feel like he can be switched for either Olynyk or Faverani at any time.