Fab Melo: "They didn't give me a chance."

It's a little disappointing to see that Fab Melo didn't work out with the Celtics, but it apparently it was just a matter of not getting a real chance with the team.

I was really pushing for Melo, defending him all over the place when people called him a bust. I just thought that he'd be a late bloomer. I wasn't expecting an all-star, but I thought he could at least be a serviceable center. I found it interesting that he didn't get a real chance. I have absolutely no idea what's going on in practice but when the Celtics have a center rotation of Kevin Garnett (stretch 4), Chris Wilcox (injury prone), Brandon Bass (undersized power forward), and Shavlik Randolph (foul prone) you would think that the only 7 footer on the roster would see at least some playing time on the team.

He wasn't lighting it up in the D-League but he made the First All D-league Rookie team, as well as the First All D-League Defensive team, so he was doing something right. In Summer League his stats don't wow you either, but they weren't bad in my opinion. 6.2 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks shooting 54.5% from the field in 18.2 minutes isn't bad. It could be better but it's something to work with. I wonder if the Celtics lost patience since Kevin Garnett was no longer there to help him develop his game. Who knows.

In any event, I wish the best for Fab Melo. I hope he sticks around in this league. He may seem goofy, but I like his personality. Seems like a guy who never has a rainy day. Always looks on the bright side of things.