Celtics emotionless for first game against Brooklyn

Staring at the computer screen with a blank look, like my state of mind right now. Empty a little bit, haven't we vented, and haven't we expressed are gratitude at great lengths for Pierce and Kevin. Emotionless? Like the faces I've see on the court in some of the preseason games this year.

The sentences just will not form when I want to articulate Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's tenure in Boston.
Th subject matter is just a big jumble to me.Emotions cannot be humble.The emotions leading into this game are not mixed, but they seem to be emotionless by the players who will suit up Tuesday night.

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"I got like four former teams, so it ain’t no motivation for me," said Wallace. "Our main thing is to get better, continue to get better, and build on it for the regular season."

Wallace endured maybe his worse season as a pro last year in Brooklyn, but has been one of Boston's best all-around performers through the first half of the team's exhibition slate. Wallace has emphatically stated that he has no desire to revisit the past and his struggles last season with the Nets, pledging only to do all he can to help a young Boston team navigate this transition process as quickly as possible.

What about some of Boston's returning players, guys like Brandon Bass who spent a couple seasons playing alongside Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett?

"Our OGs are no longer here, the young Gs have to step up now," said Bass. "We’re just treating it like a regular game. We’ve got to go out, play hard on both ends and try to get a win."

Yes, the Celtics were largely devoid of emotion after Monday's practice while talking about Tuesday's visit to Brooklyn. Bass said he bumped into Pierce at a boxing match in Las Vegas last month, but said he hasn't really talked to the departed players. Jeff Green echoed that sentiment, noting the lack of communication since the trade went down.

"It just got to a point where it was time to move on, for me," said Green. "They’re gone. I can’t worry about how they feel or how I feel. The trade happened, it happened. When I see them, brief words and then I’ll get ready to play."

Jeff pretty much nailed it. It's time for us all to get over the ex-girlfriend together. Maybe were all hiding are binge drinking, and maybe we ate a pizza too many. I'm ready to take off those fat pants, and I want to open the blinds. The sun will shine, and so on, and so on. I think most fans out there have moved on. As for this game tonight in Brooklyn. It won't matter, because it's not in Boston, and it's likely that Paul and Kevin sit. So no emotions this time around. Save the emotions for the season.

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