Avery Bradley's contract deadline looms, shouldn't Boston lock him up for the future?

From Gary Washburn's Sunday Basketball Notes column in the Boston Globe:
"The Celtics have until Oct. 30 to determine whether to sign Avery Bradley to a long-term extension. The club is likely to offer a one-year deal, making him a restricted free agent next summer, but a multiyear deal remains possible."

Bradley will make just over $2.5 million this year.  If the Celtics don't work out a long term contract with him before the end of the month he'll become a restricted free agent at season's end, meaning Boston would have to match any offer made by another team in order to keep him.  The qualifying offer for Bradley (the minimum the C's could pay to sign him for one more year) is set at just over $3.5 million for 2014-2015, but unless he has a horrendous upcoming season I'd imagine there'll be better deals out there.

I'm honestly quit surprised we haven't been hearing more about negotiations between the Celtics and their 22 year old defensive wiz shooting guard.  There's been no indication from the team's front office that they are currently trying to work out a long-term deal with Bradley.  Clearly Boston doesn't want to be bogged down by heavy contracts as they look to rebuild, but Bradley may be a key component for the future, and at the moment he could probably be retained at a very affordable price.

Off the top of my head, $25 million over 5 years feels like a number they might be able to settle on right now.  Would it have some risk attached?  Absolutely; he could stay injury prone and/or never progress beyond what we've already seen.  On the other hand if Bradley becomes a consistent starter for years to come it'll be a bargain.  At that price the potential reward seems a lot greater than the risk involved, and if he plays well this season the option may no longer be on the table.

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