Ainge talks Bradley extension

How much is Bradley worth to you? I'll have to admit,he's exceeded my expectations so far in eight preseason games. I think his jumper looks solid, and it looks easier for the 22 year-old defensive guru. Bradley is perhaps the best on the ball defender in the game, and I think he still has some improving to do on the defensive end, but not much at all. In years past Bradley over played a bit on defense, and because of that he was in foul trouble. The refs had a role in the foul calls. They didn't know Bradley well, and they didn't know what to expect with AB.

ESPN Boston

One thing that raised eyebrows was that, asked about the looming extension deadline for Avery Bradley, Ainge admitted he's been in negotiations with Bradley's camp but wouldn't comment further. That's a departure from last month when Ainge suggested that the team might wait until next summer, when Bradley would be a restricted free agent, to revisit his future with the team.

Bradley, who is due to earn $2.51 million this season.Bradley hasn't addressed the extension, and has stuck with staying focused on this season. That's a normal answer, and the way it should be. Thinking ahead is okay, but he's got to focus on the season at hand, and to also focus on improving in every way.

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