Who has a better chance to make the playoffs? The Celtics or Lakers?

Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

The Boston Celtics, and Los Angles Lakers are forever linked. They have faced off 12 times in the NBA Finals, with the Boston Celtics winning 9 of those meetings. Many Celtic fans, and even some NBA fans argue, and dispute the Lakers 16 titles. Many believe that the Lakers shouldn't receive credit for the five NBA Championships won in Minneapolis.I would love for the NBA to discredit the titles, but it's not happening. The Celtics have a small edge of the Lakers as it stands with 17 banners.

It always seems when the Celtics are good, the Lakers are good as well. There has only been one championship era where the Celtics and Lakers didn't square off in the Finals. The Lakers,and Celtics were competitive in the 70's at the same time, but their paths didn't cross. When Celtic pride was rejuvenated in 2007 when Danny Ainge pulled off the two big trades that brought in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.The Lakers pulled off a trade themselves by dealing Marc Gasol, and others to the Grizzlies for his All-Star brother Pau Gasol. That trade made the Lakers Western Conference favorites in 2008, and for years to come.

As we know the Celtics, and Lakers squared off twice in three years with both teams getting the best of each other. Beating the Lakers in the 2008 Finals made it that much special, especially after dealing with a 22-year championship drought. With the Celtics entering a rebuilding phase, and with the Lakers in a phase that doesn't make sense.Both franchises are heading into the 2013-14 season with different goals, and some are realistic, and some are lofty. The Celtics seem to be in realistic mode, as the Lakers seem to be brainwashing themselves that they can compete.

The Celtics, and Lakers success hangs in the balance with Rondo and Kobe set to miss the start of the season. We know the Celtics face a daunting November, and without Rondo the young Celtics will be in trouble. As for the Lakers they have an old former two-time league MVP in Steve Nash, and they have Pau Gasol who seems uninterested year after year.I would say if Rondo, and Kobe started the season opening night. I would take the young Celtics led by Rondo, over Kobe's older Lakers. If the Lakers played in the Eastern Conference I would take the Lakers over the Celtics, but as it stands the Lakers play out West which is harder these days, and pretty much every season.

If Rondo, and Kobe suit up in December. I would still say the Celtics have a better chance when it comes to making the playoffs. The Lakers will struggle because their coach doesn't have the players to execute his offense of seven seconds or less. The Lakers barley squeaked into the playoffs last season, and they had Dwight Howard then. The same could be said of the Celtics who squeaked into the playoffs last season. But the Celtics didn't have Rondo last season, and this season they'll be without KG and Pierce, but Rondo should be back at some point to possibly offset the loss. Overall I think it's safe to say that both teams will just miss the playoffs. But if I had to guess on which team would make the playoffs, I would have to say the Celtics have a better chance. The Eastern Conference is weak, and the West is just to tough.

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