Jordan Crawford is ... "the leader"

I suggest you imagine the trailer voice guy reading the title, it becomes much scarier that way.

Oh, and before it's too late, you can un-throw up in your mouth because this is not a quote from Brad Stevens or any other Celtic. It's directly from the invincible Crawford himself.

I'm your leader now, Shavlik. You might be gone, but still.

To be fair, if I were the only Celtic to receive a first place vote for the "6th man of the year" award, I'd feel like my teammates should see me as a leader. Sure, you might argue that someone confused Jordan with Jamal and voted mistakenly, but then again, someone might have truly enjoyed Jordan's .512 true shooting percentage, 12% defensive rebounding rate and 19.4% asist rate (Spoiler alert: Nope.)

If you're in the "Celtics should tank!" camp, you should feel happy though. If Crawford starts as PG, the Celtics are definitely losing games. Not some games, all the games. Maybe Brad Stevens is filling Crawford up with some pseudo-confidence to pull this master trick off, who knows?

Oh, and speaking of Stevens, Crawford said the following about him:

Crawford, at the age of 24, thinks that Stev... Ok, why bother comment on this, seriously? No jokes can beat the original statement.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold. A new leader is in town. It doesn't matter if the leader is being shopped like crazy by the organization and no one is willing to take him. When you are the leader, it is all about feelings and pseudo-wisdom. That worked for many in history.