Kris Humphries would like to sign a "3 or 4 year deal" with Celtics, help them turn things around

Kris Humphries has been called a lot of things by Celtics fans, both before and after his trade to the Cs on July 12th. And most of them have not been good.

After all, he is the man who got into a fight with Rajon Rondo and then complained about the scratch marks afterwards. He's also the dude who married Kim Kardashian. Which means you need to question every decision he makes from here on out.

But lost in it all is that Hump is actually a pretty good player, and his fall from grace last season has actually been exaggerated.

2012-13 was a disappointing year for sure, with Humphries averaging only 5.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game for the Nets after signing a 2 year, $24 million deal the previous summer. No, Humphries didn't play well. But some of it was also the Nets simply not playing him as much as they had in years past, instead turning to Reggie Evans and Andray Blatche. Humphries minutes fell from 34.9 in 2011-12 down to just 18.3 last season. On a per-minute basis, he really wasn't all that much worse than in previous seasons.

2010-11: Humphries averaged 12.9 points and 13.5 rebounds per-36 minutes

2011-12: Humphries averaged 14.2 points and 11.3 rebounds per-36 minutes

2012-13: Humphries averaged 11.3 points and 11.0 rebounds per-36 minutes

Even last year, that rebounding number bordered on elite. Yet the Nets went in a different direction.

Now he's with the Celtics, and according to his agent, he'd like it to stay that way. Here's what his business manager Josh Ketroser had to say, in an interview with ESPN Boston's Jared Zwerling.

"This is the earliest he's ever reported to camp, so he's going to have about three good weeks of work before training camp starts," Ketroser said. "He wants to get acclimated, he wants to get to know everyone, he wants to really prove to everyone, 'Look, I'm here, I'm devoted, I'm ready to rock and roll.' That's where his head's at. He's looking to have a good year and would love to sign a three- or four-year deal and stay in Boston, and be part of them turning around."

Before everyone gets up in arms, keep in mind, this is his business manager. Of course he's going to say that Humphries, who turns 29 in February, wants to sign a three- or four-year deal. He's a role player approaching one of the last chances of his career to cash in, what else would he want to do? It just so happens that the Celtics own his rights, and his manager can't say "he's looking to sign a three- or four-year deal with the Lakers (or the Clippers or the Thunder or the Bulls or whoever)". This is posturing. Nothing more, nothing less.

As for the rest of the article, there are some good bits in there. From people confusing Humphries with Blake Griffin, to Hump spending the summer working out with a group of NBA All-Stars, and on what exactly went wrong last season with the Nets.

It's worth a read for those not yet ready to give Humphries a shot this season. He's a pretty good player who'll be playing for his next (perhaps last) contract. He's also an elite rebounder, which is not exactly something we have in spades.

In short: All we are sayinggggggg, is give Hump a chanceeeeeeeee

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