KG the coach? Doc thinks Rondo, Pierce and Garnett will all be coaches after they retire

Is it just me or have we heard from Doc Rivers way more than Brad Stevens in the Boston media this summer? This despite the fact that Doc, you know, doesn't work here anymore — and Stevens does.

This time Doc is in the news for a good reason, back in town to host a charity event. While here, he again dished on quite a few Celtics related topics.

The one I found most interesting was when Rivers said that all three of Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett could end up coaching in the NBA after they retire.

Here's what Rivers had to say, via WEEI.

When asked about the post-basketball careers for some of his former Celtics, Rivers said he pictures Pierce and Rajon Rondo as coaches. While Garnett claims he is going to drift away into a life of anonymity, Rivers has his doubts.

“He swears we’ll never hear from him again, but I don’t believe that,” Rivers said. “I think he is too competitive and he loves it, he loves basketball. I don’t think you can just fall out of love with it and walk away.”

It's the year 2027, the Celtics and Timberwolves meet in the Finals. Celtics forward Andrew Wiggins drives to the lane as Wolves swingman LeBron James Jr. jumps in front of him. Wiggins finishes the acrobatic lay-in, but James Jr. flops on contact, and the refs call a charge.

Celtics coach Paul Pierce leaps up from his seat to argue the call, being held back by new assistant Rajon Rondo. From the other sideline, T'Wolves coach Kevin Garnett yells at his former teammates to "sit the f**k down and shut the f**k up".

The trio of competitors later laugh over the situation that summer at Garnett's Malibu beach house.


Sorry, got lost there for a second.

The thing is, that was almost too easy to imagine. All three players have some of the qualities necessary to be an NBA head coach. Namely, the basketball IQ. Pierce, Garnett and Rondo are three of the smartest players I have watched with the Celtics, and in that way all three would make great coaches.

Pierce also seems a natural fit in terms of having the personality type for it. He's good with the media, affable, and has the ability to turn off the intensity from time to time, which is essential over the course of an 82 game season.

With KG and Rondo, there are questions regarding those things. Rondo can be difficult, and it would be amazing to watch how both he and Garnett massaged players egos, something that has become a huge part of being an NBA coach.

But there is a lot of time between now and 2027 (or whenever, but in my mind it's all going down in 2027) for Rondo to mature and for KG to learn the best way to transition from "super intense player KG" to "slightly less intense coach KG".

With that in mind, these are the guys I think each player compares to as a coach.

Pierce - Doc. Smile that lights up the room, incredible basketball IQ, selfless at times and the ability to communicate with the media in a way that wins over both them and the fans.

KG - Larry Bird. An All-time great player who's shelf life as a coach may not be all that long due to how intense their personalities are and the rigors of the job. Two of the best competitors in the history of basketball.

Rondo - Rick Carlisle. Huh? Hear me out. Carlisle is prickly, he's intense and he's often times stoic on the sidelines. His face always looks the someone just shit in his fridge. Similar in some ways to Rondo's demeanor. Both guys remind me of a duck on the water. On the surface, super calm. But beneath the surface, a fiery intensity burns.

Good comparisons? Bad comparisons? Wondering why I made you think about someone shitting in Rick Carlisle's fridge? Let me know in the comment section.

h/t Jay King for the find

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