Jared Sullinger 'Not Close' To Game Shape

Jared Sullinger kicked off Celtics Media Day by giving Celtic Nation a momentary shock - Saying he was 'not close' when questioned about his back recovery. Celtics fans can take a sigh of relief though:

Sullinger is expected to start Celtics training camp healthy, but is a long way away from being 'in shape.' Something Danny Ainge seems to agree with stating that "(Sullinger) needs to get in better shape, thought last year he had to get in better shape too." With the concerns to Sullinger's back, it certainly makes sense why the President of Basketball Operations would be interested in seeing his young prospect lose a few pounds.

Also of note: Sullinger would not comment on his court case, though a few reports stated that Jared was noticeably embaressed. At this point, Danny Ainge has not determined if the team would discipline Sullinger for his actions.

Video courtesy of WEEI's Mike Petraglia.

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