Celtics replace Molly McGrath with a girl who looks a lot like Molly McGrath

Umm..so this is awkward.

As we all know, the beloved Molly McGrath moved on to Fox Sports 1 this summer, leaving the position as Celtics web reporter up for grabs.

Now, the Celtics are replacing her with a girl that could possibly be her long lost twin. Meet Emily Austen.

Not bad Celtics, not bad at all.

And if history has taught us anything, it's that Austen will be massively successful.

From 2009-11 Kristine Leahy was the Celts web reporter, and she has since worked at Fox 25 and KCAL out in LA.

And then McGrath took over for the past two seasons before jumping to a national gig with Fox.

So the Celtics pipeline of talent continues. Welcome, Emily.

h/t Barstool