Paul Pierce speaks with Dime Magazine about Brooklyn and Boston

Photo by AP/Jon Gerberg

It's never easy listening to Paul Pierce talking about the city of Brooklyn. Paul Pierce sat down with Dime Magazine to talk about his commute, and about Boston's potential to attract free agents.

Dime Q&A: Paul Pierce On Going Back To Boston, The Knicks & “Cornbread” Maxwell

By Spencer Lund

Dime: How is the family liking New York?
Paul Pierce: My family loves it, loving the city. They’ve taken to the crowds, to the restaurants. It seems like a good adjustment.

Dime: Have you figured out the commute better because we saw you had some trouble when you first moved here?
PP: Oh yeah. I’ve figured it out. After like three weeks, I figured out the route. School route, practice route, game routes, all the routes.

Dime: Are you like some of the other Nets we’ve spoken to and living in New Jersey?
PP: Nah, I’m living in the city. It was an opportunity to move my family to the city for that opportunity [for them] to experience it.

Dime: The kids [Pierce has two daughters and a son born this year] like it?
PP: Yeah, the kids really love it. It’s an experience.

Dime: You talked to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe and you mentioned how Boston was a better place, in terms of attracting free agents. I know Bill Russell had some issues when he played there, and KG was initially hesitant after the trade in ’07. What’s changed, since you’ve been there?
PP: I just think, more and more, you see great players go through Boston and the easier it is for other players to follow. Everybody already knows about the tradition. There’s a lot of guys, in the past, who look at Boston as racist. It’s kind of been labeled that way. And I just think over the years, it’s really grown past that. With the addition of me and some of the other guys that have been playing in Boston, it’s changed.

I hope Paul is right. The Celtics have never been a team that has brought in big market free agents. Danny had to conduct two trades in 2007 to bring in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Next summer the Celtics may have a chance to put Paul's words to the test. They could have about $17 million in cap space with Humprhies expiring deal, and with Bogans contract not being guaranteed for the final two years. I recommend that you check out the rest of the article.

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