Celtics Media Day: Kris Humphries

Ok... I feel better about the new #43 right now than I did an hour ago. What I thought we were getting was a reality TV hanger on who also played basketball, but as it turns out we're getting a basketball player who is focused on playing basketball.


On playing for the Celtics: It's special just to be in the practice facility. He never thought he'd be playing for the Celtics, but is excited about it.

His thoughts on the team: He feels good about the roster. Young players who can play multiple positions. Humphries calls Rondo a game changer. He's excited to be part of a team who can run and play at a high pace.

The "dust up" between he and Rondo: There is a blackboard in the locker room with a tally of who would win a real fight between the two of them. He says it's nothing - it's just basketball. Humphries says their "fight" was nothing compared to what guys in the 1980s NBA used to do to each other on the court. He's excited to play with a guard who can go the whole game uptempo.

On How Teams Approach Rondo: Every team tries to come up with a new plan for Rondo which is hard because Rondo is adjusting to what he sees on the fly. There is no true way to guard Rondo when he is at his best.

On being a leader while Rondo is out: It has already started- he has been in Boston for a month working out and getting to know the staff. This is the earliest he's ever gotten to a city to prepare for a camp or a new team. He came in early because he wants to be part of the culture. He closed this answer with, "We're all going to work hard. We're in this together."

Questions from Twitter: "As a new Celtic who are you most excited to beat?" Humphries lives in Miami for part of the off season, so all summer long he was hearing about The Heat, so they are the biggest target. He also can't wait to play Brooklyn.

To close out his media day, Humphries reinforced the need for this team to run, be smart on offense, and move the ball. It seems like they are all buying in to Stevens' strategy.

Photo via Celtics.com